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Guidance for International Partnerships

Guidance for International Partnerships

December 19, 2018
Posted on December 19, 2018

International partnerships provide many benefits. If you’re looking to expand your educational opportunities on a global level, you’ll want to consider this option as a way to grow your market and reach a broader number of students.

Becoming a part of a global industry gives you the opportunity to branch out and offer programs you might not otherwise be able to access. Working with partners will allow you to grow exponentially with help from experts who share your passion for education.

Imagine expanding your offerings outside your own domestic market and sharing them with others. Picture what it would be like to provide your own students with programs they won’t find anywhere in your area. International partnerships will allow you to do all that and more.

Form a Trusted Network

When you establish international partnerships, you’ll receive assistance from a trusted network of PhD academics who are all highly qualified in their respective fields, as well as experts who have helped many educational institutions form successful partnerships. They will be there to guide you through the process every step of the way, helping you learn and grow as you go.

These academics come from a wide array of educational backgrounds, having graduated from top universities such as Harvard, UCLA, University of Melbourne, University of Sydney and Oxford to name only a few. As you begin your journey toward forming your own international partnerships, you will be given the chance to explore those from and to various countries including Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, the United States, India and many more.

The Process

Global education carries with it requirements you may not have encountered in your own institution. In order to establish international partnerships, you will need to think differently when it comes to market approach.

As an international provider of education, you should be prepared to export. You will learn new ways of developing business, as well as obtain assistance with in-country locals who will work directly with you.

As for the actual process of forming international educational partnerships, it’s easier than you might think. You’ll begin with marketing preparation. This will involve the provision of services for completing tasks such as:

  • Export
  • Compliance
  • Setting up the business
  • Developing the market
  • Auditing
  • Benchmarking

Next comes the process of entering into the market. These services involve:

  • Market setup
  • Compliance
  • Recruitment efforts
  • Developing courses
  • Managing business processes
  • Developing policies and procedures
  • Promoting educational growth

Finally, it’s time to implement the marketing plan. This includes services that enable your existing educational programs to consolidate and grow, such as:

  • Planning your business
  • Setting up marketing and sales efforts
  • Implementing the business plan

Professional development services are also available for educators to help improve both training and learning on all levels.

What You Need to Get Started

Everything you’ll need to begin establishing successful international educational partnerships is convenient and easily accessible to you when you need it. Get support from expert advisors at any time without the stress of constantly searching for highly qualified academics or subject matter experts.

You will be able to easily find the information you need right there in your very own network of professionals who are dedicated to helping you grow. Accreditation and other regulations can also easily be met with the help of an experienced team who can aid you in remaining compliant.

Utilising international educational partnership services will also prove cost-efficient. Easily reduce overhead expenses, decrease staff costs and receive the highest quality project management available.

Get advice and guidance from a team of academics whose members have all lectured and taught at top quality world-class universities, and who have been instrumental in coordinating major programs. You can also receive help planning your curriculum, mapping out the courses and aligning them with your existing programs and core educational values.

Want more information on how you can startthe process of establishing international educational partnerships today? Click here to learn more and experience a whole new level of outreach and success.

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