CTU to be Northern India’s first campus to tie up with Darlo Higher Education, Australia

CTU to be Northern India’s first campus to tie up with Darlo Higher Education, Australia

December 23, 2018
Posted on December 23, 2018

CT University’s (CTU)students and faculty had an interactive session with Dr Marisha, Academic and Country Director from the Darlo Group, Australia. Darlo has a global associate network of over 150 PhDs and Subject Matter Experts from international universities in Australia, New Zealand and North America. Darlo works as an independent network of leading academics who help build quality and knowledge in teaching and learning around the world, sharing its resources with its partners. This multi disciplinary knowledge provides a range of high-quality services to ensure that the transition to higher education is a seamless process and offers a range of international partnership services such as partnerships, course development, eLearning and quality in learning and teaching.

CTU is to be Punjab’s first University to tie up with Darlo and also to get another feature on cap to be Northern India’s first University for the same tie up.

Dr MarishaMcAuliffe, Academic Director and Country Manager, visited the campus and interacted with students from all the seven schools under CTU and witnessed the creativity and achievements of students.  Discussing the upcoming tie-up, Dr Marisha said, “We can describe effectively what it takes to distinguish yourself from the other applicants, the internal processes and capabilities you need to develop to comply with specific standards, and the potential traps and misinformation that is going around about higher education compliance. It is critical for all new higher education registrants is to demonstrate that they have internal capabilities, governance and processes. You have a trusted and dependable team in higher education compliance and regulation.”

Darlo is highly selective in its partnerships and is currently strategic partners in India. Darlo highly looks forward to working with CTU to build a culture of excellence for its academics and students. “What distinguishes CTU is its forward thinking and global vision, as well as concern and commitment to students”, says Dr. McAuliffe.

Moreover, Dr Harsh Sadawarti, Vice Chancellor, CTU added, “Dr Marisha has also signed up as being a member of International Advisory Board for giving her expertise advice and will put her suggestions in making CTU courses updated and best for students. Icongratulate Darlo and CTU for soon to be in one of its kind educational pact.”

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