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How to get ready to find international partners

How to get ready to find international partners

December 20, 2018
Posted on December 20, 2018

Connecting with an academic program from a university overseas is an exciting time for both educators and students. With the chance to broaden your horizons and academic expertise, it’s also a process you should take slowly. If you’re preparing to find international partners, there are a few things you can do to lay the groundwork for a successful journey.

Are there minimum regulations or accreditations your international partners must meet?

Your academic program hasn’t reached this stage without a lot of hard work. And behind that hard work, there are possibly plenty of regulations and accreditations. If your students are to meet the same standards post-association as they did before you found a partnership, those factors need to stand.

Consider what regulations and accreditations your partner program must reach for and whether there are ways to help them do so if they’re not quite hitting the mark. In addition to ensuring there’s consistency between you and your partners, this is an excellent way to assure quality.

Consider the academic standards you want your international partners to meet

Although it’s possible to measure academic standards in lots of ways, they can also remain quite subjective to different course leaders. For example, your academic standards could rest primarily on student attainment, both before they began your program and after. Or, the presence of eminent academics within your department could mean that you want your international partners to bring similar attributes to the table. Whatever your high standards are, setting them out in advance prevents you from encountering problems later. At Darlo International, we take the time-consuming elements out of finding the right partners by doing the work for you. However, we do need a bit of a background for this to be a success. When we know what your standards are, we can expedite the partner seeking process. And, having plenty of detail prevents us from matching you with someone who isn’t a good fit right now.

Reflect on the ways you want an international partnership to boost your program

The right international partnership is about more than giving your students the chance to interact with their overseas peers. You’re exploring this option because you feel as though heading down this route will bring something to your program that you’re not already achieving. In preparation for this, you need to try and identify what that something is.

For example, in niches such as medicine, more than 80-percent of students agreed that their international partnerships gave them better clinical confidence. Of course, what you may want from your international partnership could vary. However, it may extend to broadening your students’ cultural awareness by interacting with their overseas peers, gaining different cultural perspectives, or learning a new language.

Knowing your goals in advance gives you the best possible chance of liaising fluidly with potential partners from the moment your partnership starts. In addition, it makes the route to finding a successful partnership easier. When other institutions can see what you want,the decision to partner with you becomes faster for them too. It also means you can both manage your expectations in advance and exit with the best possible outcomes.

At Darlo International, we’re a team of academics who are experienced in matching different programs with international partners. With an aptitude for making international partnerships a success, we can oversee the finer details that may slow the process down. For example, we’ll make sure your course remains compliant, provide business plans for consolidating your educational services, and more.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of an international partnership with a member of our team, get in touch today.

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